Clumping cat litter SiSiCat

Clumping cat litter SiSiCat

Cat litter characteristics:

  • 100% natural. Made from natural clay without chemical additives.
  • A pack of clumping litter SiSiCat can absorb 5,3 l of liquid. Clay grains absorb liquid well and form strong clumps.
  • Odor control. Neutralizes odors to keep the cat litter box fresh smelling.
  • Economical in use. No complete replacement of the litter is required because of strong clumping power. The car litter box will be always clean.
  • Bacteria control. Clay grains keep the cat litter box free from germs and bacteria and disinfect the litter box.
5,3 l.


Packaging options5,3 l.
Granule size0,63 – 3,2 mm.
Litter typeclumping bentonite
How litter works when wetfast-clumping
Odor eliminationhigh
Economic in usehigh
Required layer in the litter box
no less than 5 cm 
Litter box tipsscoop out clumps, add fresh litter
Replacement frequency/month not necessary

Litter Box Tips

  1. Select a proper size box in proportion to your cat's size. A container with high sides is optimal.
  2. Spread about a 5 cm layer of litter in the box. Always keep this level of litter.
  3. Scoop out clumps and solid wastesto a garbage bag regularly for a reallyclean box.
  4. Add fresh litter up to the previous level. A lower layer will not be effective. 
  5. The litter box should be disinfected on a periodic basis. 

Attention! Do not throw away cat litter into the sewerage!